Unlocking Success: Honoring the Victors of the 'oneAPI Hackathon: The LLM Challenge' in Collaboration with Intel® and MachineHack!

Unlocking Success: Honoring the Victors of the 'oneAPI Hackathon: The LLM Challenge' in Collaboration with Intel® and MachineHack!

Celebrating Champions: Highlights from the 'oneAPI Hackathon: The LLM Challenge' with Intel® and MachineHack!

MachineHack and Intel® recently concluded the 'oneAPI Hackathon: The LLM Challenge' on October 8, 2023, pushing the boundaries of large language models (LLMs) with innovative solutions. Here's a simplified breakdown of the key details:

What is oneAPI?

  • Definition: oneAPI is a versatile, open programming model supported by Intel®. It provides a unified experience across various accelerator architectures like CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other accelerators, promoting faster application performance, increased productivity, and greater innovation.

The Challenge:

  • Objective: Contestants had to create a model generating responses in line with provided answers for each question.
  • Prizes: The top 3 winners received cool gadgets – iPhone 14, iPad Air, and Samsung Galaxy Watch, among others.

Meet the Winners:

  1. Ramashish Gupta (1st Place):
  2. Approach: Used a generative question-answering model with an encoder-decoder architecture.
  3. Insight: Traditional models struggled due to the unique dataset, requiring a more advanced approach.
  4. Result: Achieved an impressive leaderboard score of 0.376.
  5. Explore Ramashish's journey here.
  6. Jatin Yadav (Runner-up):
  7. Background: Started data engineering during college, showcasing commitment through pursued data science courses.
  8. Achievement: Recognized for articulate explanations, GitHub repository reusability, and excellent model performance.
  9. Check out Jatin's solution here.
  10. Abhinaba Bala (3rd Place):
  11. Expertise: NLP researcher with a focus on low-resource languages and a background in 3D computer vision.
  12. Tool: Utilized SimpleT5 Python library as the foundation for his model.
  13. Explore Abhinaba's solution here.

Noteworthy Contributors:


  • Distinguished panel featuring Kavita Aroor, Anish Kumar, and Vishnu Madhu from Intel, adding prestige and expertise to the event.


  • The 'oneAPI Hackathon: The LLM Challenge' marked a pivotal moment in the world of large language models, emphasizing the evolving dynamics between tech giants and AI developers.
  • The event showcased advancements in LLMs, demonstrating the potential of the oneAPI framework to push the boundaries of what these models can achieve.

In summary, the hackathon celebrated innovation, collaboration, and the exciting possibilities within the realm of large language models.

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