AI-Powered Traffic Regulation by Vehant Technologies

AI-Powered Traffic Regulation by Vehant Technologies

Indian Company Uses AI for Traffic Regulation

Vehant Technologies, a Noida-based smart security solutions provider, is leveraging AI for traffic regulation. The company's CEO, Kapil Bardeja, shared insights into their initiatives:

  • Deployment with Delhi Police:
  • Installed 535 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software at strategic locations in Delhi.
  • Enhances traffic surveillance by analyzing video streams to recognize and capture vehicle number plates.
  • Technology in Gurugram:
  • Gurugram police deployed approximately 300 cameras for traffic enforcement.
  • Models detect violations such as speeding, no helmet, tripling, etc.
  • Utilizes image classification, object detection, tracking algorithms for accuracy.
  • Challan Process:
  • Cameras capture violations, read number plates, and generate challan forms.
  • Manual verification by law enforcement agencies is required.
  • Verified data integrated with NIC database, and auto-challan is generated.
  • Scale and Impact:
  • Around 2,000 challans validated daily; system deployed in 50 Smart Cities.
  • Vehant's number plate scanning manages close to 1 billion transactions yearly.
  • Airport Security:
  • Vehant is the only Indian company approved by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.
  • Dual-view X-ray scanners deployed in 70 airports across India.
  • Recently received a substantial order worth Rs. 37 crores for Mumbai Airport.
  • Object Detection Algorithm:
  • Integrated algorithm detects contraband items like guns, knives, etc.
  • High-end machines powered by AI algorithms with low false alarm rates.
  • Company's Journey:
  • Started with under-vehicle scanning systems after the 2001 parliament attack.
  • Progressed in technology, computing power, and software algorithms over the years.
  • Conclusion:
  • Technological advancements, high-resolution cameras, and reduced computing costs enable cost-effective solutions.
  • Bardeja believes the amalgamation of these factors allows for reasonably accurate solutions.

Note: - Vehant Technologies also operates in the aviation market, offering dual-view X-ray scanners, a technology they developed.

Photo: Vehant co-founders Kapil Bardeja and Anoop G Prabhu

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