Unlocking Opportunities: Data Science Hiring at Pegasystems

Unlocking Opportunities: Data Science Hiring at Pegasystems

Joining Pegasystems - Easy Insights into the Data Science Hiring Process

Pegasystems, or Pega, is a global software company known for its customer engagement and operational excellence solutions. They're leaders in business process management and customer relationship management. Pega's main product, Pega Infinity, is a platform helping businesses create, implement, and improve applications to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.

They use AI and data science to make better decisions, automate processes, and offer personalized customer interactions. Big companies like CISCO, HSBC, and Siemens trust Pega's solutions.

Pega Infinity 23 and Generative AI

In their latest version, Pega Infinity 23, they've introduced cool features like generative AI-powered boosters, enhancing efficiency. The Connect Generative AI feature lets organizations easily use generative AI for low-code development.

Insights from Pega Leaders

In a recent interview with Pega's Deepak Visweswaraiah and Smriti Mathur, they shared insights into their generative AI play and the hiring process.

Pega has job openings for solutions engineers and senior software quality test engineers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Data science is crucial at Pega, especially in their core platform, Pega Infinity. It plays a role in analytics, insights generation, natural language processing (NLP), and generative AI, impacting real-time decision-making and personalized customer communications.

Generative AI, like Pega GenAI, aids in AI decision-making, automating processes like loan processing. It benefits developers and end-users by improving productivity through query-based interactions and streamlined case lifecycle generation.

Technology and Culture at Pega

Pega values openness and flexibility in its product architecture, supporting various language models, including those from OpenAI and Google. They are actively working on supporting local language models in upcoming versions.

The company follows a hybrid working model, promoting collaboration in the office while allowing flexibility. They encourage upskilling through Pega Academy, offering online self-study training, live courses, and mentoring. For data science roles, they focus on candidates' ability to learn rather than specific skills, emphasizing problem-solving and creating consistent models.

Pega emphasizes diversity and inclusivity, ranking as the best workplace for women for five consecutive years. They value independent thinking and curiosity, promoting a culture of innovation. Understanding the product architecture is key, given the nature of challenges Pega tackles.

Join the Dynamic Community

If you're interested in joining Pega's dynamic community, [check out their careers page]

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