Unlocking Data Magic: Redis 7.2 by Yiftach Shoolman

Unlocking Data Magic: Redis 7.2 by Yiftach Shoolman

Yiftach Shoolman: Making Redis 7.2 Understandable for Everyone

Meet Yiftach Shoolman, a coding enthusiast turned tech innovator, whose journey has left a lasting mark on the industry. Redis Labs, under Shoolman's leadership, recently introduced Redis 7.2, a game-changer with improved vector search features tailored to meet the rising demands of AI applications in India. During his visit to Bangalore, Shoolman, co-founder and CTO of Redis Labs, shared insights into this significant update.

Redis 7.2 Highlights

  • Enhanced Vector Search: Redis 7.2 brings improved vector search functionality to address the growing needs of AI applications.
  • OpenGPT on Redis Cloud: Collaboration with LangChain results in OpenGPT on Redis Cloud, emphasizing Redis Labs' dedication to generative AI.

Shoolman's Tech Journey

Shoolman's tech journey began at the age of 14, coding games and assisting a local library in establishing an online presence. Over the years, he co-founded Redis Labs, played a key role in Crescendo Networks (acquired by F5), and ventured into cloud technologies post-2008. His expertise has been crucial in shaping the tech landscape, contributing significantly to areas like application acceleration, cloud computing, and more.

Redis Labs' Impact

  • Global Presence: Redis, an open-source in-memory data store, serves over 7,500 customers globally, including major players in India like Freshworks and Razorpay.
  • Corporate and Beyond: Beyond the corporate world, Shoolman's background in the Israeli Defence Force and the Israeli Ministry of Defence instilled discipline into his work ethics. His academic pursuits, including a master's degree in mathematics and computer science, further enriched his skills.

Redis Impact on India

Redis has significantly impacted India's tech sector under Shoolman's leadership, doubling its headcount and expanding its presence across Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune since 2020. The release of Redis 7.2 further solidifies the company's position by addressing challenges in AI implementations.


In a nutshell, Redis 7.2 is not just an update; it's a leap forward in meeting the real-time data management needs of interactive AI applications. Shoolman's journey from a young coder to a tech visionary has undeniably shaped the landscape of data management and AI, making complex technologies understandable and accessible for everyone.

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