Unlock Your Daily Potential with 10 Handy GPTs

Unlock Your Daily Potential with 10 Handy GPTs

Top 10 GPTs for Easy Daily Use

Did you know there are over 5000 GPTs available? OpenAI has made it even easier to build your own GPT without coding at their first developer conference, DevDay 2023. We've picked the top 10 GPTs based on social media popularity to make your life better.

Invoice GPT

  • Created by Arnav Bathla
  • Extracts JSON information or visualizes data from any invoice
  • Simplifies tasks like automating accounting processes, improving financial record-keeping, and speeding up expense management.

ChatGPT Logo Maker

  • Crafted by Sahil Rahul
  • Simplifies logo creation
  • Upload a sketch, and it generates a logo that you can customize further
  • Experiment with styles, tweak details, and refine the output for a precise representation of your initial sketch.


  • By Pietro Schirano
  • Lets you create beautiful websites directly in ChatGPT
  • Native support for dark mode
  • Websites hosted remotely via Replit.


  • Also by Pietro Schirano
  • Efficiently converts images, audio, videos, PDFs, and more
  • Streamlines your experience by focusing solely on file conversion, eliminating unnecessary dialogue and delays.

Screenplay GPT

  • Created by Kiri
  • Helps create stories or scenes for images
  • Useful for storytellers, content creators, or anyone seeking creative inspiration for visuals.


  • Empowers the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Helps discover the best places worldwide for remote living and work
  • Uses real-time data from Nomad List to answer queries about ideal locations based on specific preferences.

F1 Assistant GPT

  • Developed by David
  • Your go-to for all things Formula 1
  • Get lap times, pit stop details, driver and team standings, and other race-related statistics easily.

YellowPage Navigator

  • Created by Eric Ma
  • Tool for finding business information and contacts easily
  • Quickly locate reliable services in your area without sifting through directories.

Interview Wizard GPT

  • Created by Ashutosh Srivastava
  • Your AI-powered personal interview coach
  • Input your resume and job description to receive personalized guidance for interview preparation.

DALL•E 3 with Parameters GPT

  • Created by Alvaro Cintas
  • Adaptation of Midjourney's parameters
  • Choose aspect ratio, stylization, seeds, weirdness, and more for your creative needs.

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