Unlock the Power of AI: Gradient Teams Up with MongoDB

Unlock the Power of AI: Gradient Teams Up with MongoDB

Exciting News: AI Cloud Platform Gradient Teams Up with MongoDB!

Great news for developers! Gradient AI, a startup that lets developers easily create and personalize AI applications in the cloud using large language models, has partnered with MongoDB, a big player in the world of databases. This partnership means even better teamwork between the two companies, making it easier for Gradient AI users to build applications using the MongoDB data platform.

Building AI Solutions Made Easy

Building custom AI solutions can be a bit tricky, especially when combining fine-tuning and something called Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). But fear not! Gradient and other cool tools like MongoDB and LlamaIndex are here to help you build strong and affordable solutions.

Example: Financial Chatbots

Let's break it down with an example: Imagine creating financial chatbots. With MongoDB, you can use RAG to reduce something called hallucination (a fancy term for incorrect responses). MongoDB takes care of Vector Store, and LlamaIndex helps with RAG Orchestration. In simple terms, LlamaIndex is used for putting a specific type of information into a raw format. Using Gradient's web APIs, you can fine-tune models, generate completions, and make connections with Atlas Vector Search. LlamaIndex then brings everything together. Easy, right?

The Backstory

Just a little backstory: Gradient recently got $10 million in funding, led by Wing VC, Mango Capital, Tokyo Black, and other cool investors. They want to help businesses get the most out of language models by providing a reliable way to add their own private data.

For Gradient Users

Here's the best part for Gradient users: You don't have to start training your Large Language Models (LLMs) from scratch. Gradient gives you a bunch of ready-to-use LLMs, including one called Meta’s Llama 2. You can fine-tune them to suit your needs. Gradient also offers pre-trained models for specific tasks like data reconciliation and context gathering, perfect for different industries.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, Gradient and MongoDB are teaming up to make your life as a developer easier. You can now build awesome AI applications without the headache. Happy coding!

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