Top AI Acquisitions of 2023

Top AI Acquisitions of 2023

Easy-to-Understand Recap: Top AI Acquisitions of 2023

Big companies made smart moves this year, buying up smaller AI startups to boost their tech and expand their businesses. Here's a simple rundown of the top acquisitions:

Snowflake's Power Moves:

  • Neeva: Snowflake, a cloud data manager, grabbed Neeva, a search startup, for about $150 million. Neeva shifted focus to business search, and Snowflake liked their generative AI in search tech.
  • Myst AI: Snowflake got Myst AI in January to amp up their AI in business forecasting. The cost? Secret.
  • LeapYear Technologies: In February, Snowflake added LeapYear's privacy tech for $62 million, making their data analysis safer and broader.
  • Ponder: Last month, Snowflake integrated Ponder's tech, making Snowflake better with Python-based data science. The price? Still a secret.

Amazon's Moves:

  • In August, Amazon got, boosting AWS Cloud9. Price? Hush-hush.
  • Snackable AI: Amazon bought Snackable AI in May for better podcast features using natural language processing. The cost? Not telling.

AMD's Acquisitions:

  • In October, AMD snagged to amp up their AI software for better performance. No details on the dollars.
  • Mipsology: In September, AMD got Mipsology to enhance AI for devices like IoT and autonomous vehicles. How much? Not sharing.

Google's Move:

  • Photomath: In June, Google grabbed Photomath for its cool math-solving app using photo recognition and machine learning. No exact cost, but could be between €220M to €500M.

Apple's Play:

  • WaveOne: In March, Apple acquired WaveOne for its AI-based video compression. This helps with video quality and storage for streaming services. The money part? Still a secret.

Nvidia's Step:

  • OmniML: In February, Nvidia acquired OmniML for better machine-learning models on edge devices. The financials? Keeping it under wraps.

Adobe's Addition:

  • Rephrase AI: Last week, Adobe got Rephrase AI to improve video creation with AI-powered tools. No details on the cash involved.

Airbnb's Move:

  • GamePlanner.AI: In August, Airbnb added GamePlanner.AI for $200 million, enhancing personalized travel recommendations.

Databricks' Big Deal:

  • MosaicML: Databricks bought MosaicML in July for $1.3 billion to boost generative AI models, making them more accessible.

These acquisitions show how big companies are investing in AI to make tech better and provide us with cooler services.

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