Tesla's Optimus-Gen 2 Receives Upgrades: New Hands and Speed Boost

Tesla's Optimus-Gen 2 Receives Upgrades: New Hands and Speed Boost

Tesla's Optimus Gets a Big Upgrade: Faster, More Agile, and Smarter Hands!

Tesla has just given its humanoid robot, Optimus-Gen 2, a significant upgrade in the latest December update. Here's what's new and improved:

  1. Enhanced Mobility:
  2. Optimus-Gen 2 now boasts new actuators and sensors, featuring a 2-degree-of-freedom (DoF) actuated neck. This means it can move more freely and dynamically.
  3. Speed Boost:
  4. Thanks to new electric motors, Optimus now walks 30% faster. The update also includes torque sensing, articulated toe sections, and a design based on human foot geometry. Additionally, the robot has shed 10 kg in weight, resulting in improved balance and easier full-body control.
  5. Brand New Hands:
  6. One of the standout improvements is in Optimus' hands, which now have faster motion and 11 DoF (degrees of freedom). The fingers are equipped with tactical sensors, allowing the humanoid to handle delicate objects with precision. In a demonstration video, Optimus smoothly transfers an egg from one hand to the other and gently places it on a table.
  7. Entertaining Features:
  8. The update adds a touch of entertainment, with a video showing two Optimus robots dancing with disco lights.
  9. Evolution Over Time:
  10. Nearly a year ago, Elon Musk unveiled the prototype of Optimus, which was in its early development stages. Now, Tesla has made significant strides, showcasing the robot's ability to perform tasks like object manipulation, yoga, and navigation through its surroundings.
  11. Neural Network Technology:
  12. Notably, Optimus operates on neural networks, distinguishing it from other robots like those from Boston Dynamics, which rely on rule-based systems.

Tesla's Optimus is evolving closer to Musk's vision, from a simple wave on stage to a multifunctional humanoid with improved mobility, dexterity, and even a dash of entertainment. The future of robotics is looking brighter and more exciting with each update! 🤖🚀

Watch the video here!

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