Satya Nadella's Perspective on OpenAI

Satya Nadella's Perspective on OpenAI

Satya Nadella on OpenAI and Microsoft

Satya Nadella, the head of Microsoft, recently talked about the OpenAI situation and clarified some key points. He mentioned that it's not realistic for one small company to bring about significant change in the tech world. In a discussion with Kara Swisher, he used the analogy of buying the Australian cricket team, stating it's like acquiring OpenAI – something that isn't feasible.

Instead of buying OpenAI, Nadella explained that Microsoft prefers to partner with them. Microsoft hired five top players from OpenAI, but it doesn't mean Microsoft is becoming the new OpenAI.

Sam Altman's Move to Microsoft

After Sam Altman, previously associated with OpenAI, joined Microsoft to lead their new AI research team, OpenAI expressed a desire to bring him back. However, Nadella confirmed that Altman will indeed head the new AI division within Microsoft, ending any confusion.

Interestingly, most OpenAI employees are leaving to join Microsoft. Out of 770 employees, 715 have already left. Nadella emphasized that Microsoft values the partnership but is not solely dependent on one company.

The Shift in Dynamics

Nadella praised Altman and OpenAI's leadership team while expressing pride in their work. Despite recent developments, Nadella highlighted Microsoft's commitment to OpenAI's success.

The situation started with a post from Mira Murati, stating that "OpenAI is nothing without its people." Altman's response and subsequent employee departures led to a significant shift.

Nadella's Perspective

Nadella, who had expressed admiration for OpenAI just days before, now wants to keep the talent within Microsoft, downplaying the importance of OpenAI.

Altman is expected to lead Microsoft's new AI research lab, similar to other successful teams within the company. Nadella prefers Altman as a full-time employee, potentially impacting Altman's other ventures.

The Future Landscape

As OpenAI is left with only the board, which may also leave, and regretful members, Microsoft seems to have secured top talent for the future of AI development.

Nadella, acknowledging a learning experience, is determined to avoid surprises for customers. Despite the controversies, he expresses happiness with Altman and the capabilities of Microsoft's team.


In conclusion, the dynamics between Microsoft and OpenAI are changing, with Microsoft absorbing top talent and aiming to continue innovation in the AI field.

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