Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture: Introducing Dhenu 1.0 by KissanAI

Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture: Introducing Dhenu 1.0 by KissanAI

KissanAI Unveils Dhenu 1.0 LLM for Indian Farmers

KissanAI has introduced Dhenu 1.0, a powerful Agriculture Large Language Model designed specifically for Indian farmers. This innovative model understands English, Hindi, and Hinglish, making it easier for farmers to communicate in their preferred language.

Key Features:

  • Bilingual Nature: Dhenu 1.0 can process 300,000 instruction sets in both English and Hindi, catering to the linguistic needs of farmers.
  • Tailored Training: The model was meticulously trained on high-quality datasets focused on Indian agricultural practices, ensuring its relevance to the local context.
  • Collaborations: KissanAI partnered with Sarvam AI and Sarvam AI contributed bilingual capabilities, while's AI API platform expedited the data curation process.


  • Microsoft for Startups: Continuous support from Microsoft for Startups was acknowledged for its valuable contribution.
  • TTeknium1’s Open Hermes 2.5: Praised for its cost-efficient handling of substantial data volumes.

Future Plans:

  • Rigorous Testing: While initial human evaluations are promising, the team plans thorough testing before deployment due to the high-impact nature of the model.
  • Ongoing Innovation: This unveiling is just the beginning, with KissanAI hinting at future collaborations and innovations to revolutionize agriculture.

About KissanAI and Founder Pratik Desai:

  • Founded by Pratik Desai, KissanAI is dedicated to supporting Indian farmers.
  • Desai, with a PhD from Wright State University, has a history of developing AI/ML applications for agriculture.
  • The platform supports nine Indic languages and has a voice interface. Two more languages, Assamese and Odia, will be added soon.
  • Desai actively collaborates with agricultural universities to keep data up-to-date.

KissanAI's Dhenu 1.0 marks a significant step towards addressing India's agricultural challenges, with a commitment to ongoing advancements and farmer-centric solutions.

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