Revolutionizing Food Experiences: Zomato's Journey with Generative AI on Microsoft Azure

Revolutionizing Food Experiences: Zomato's Journey with Generative AI on Microsoft Azure

Zomato Boosts Your Food Experience with Smart AI

Zomato is diving deep into the world of smart AI, and they're serious about it. So serious that they've appointed Vaibhav Bhutani as their Head of Generative AI. He's the brain behind some cool projects, like a multi-agent system to suggest food and make your experience better.

The Mission

Their big mission? To cater to India’s changing lifestyles. Zomato, with its three main divisions—Zomato, Blinkit, and Hyperpure—is all about making food experiences better for everyone. From revolutionizing quick shopping to fighting malnutrition, Zomato has a wide-reaching mission.

Chatting with AI

Bhutani spilled the beans on how they're using generative AI in the Azure Innovation Podcast. He emphasized that people nowadays don't want to chat much. But for Zomato, chatting is key to collecting data. So, they're using generative AI to make chatting easier.

And here's the secret sauce: the UI of their bots matters a lot. Bhutani shared that building bots made them realize the importance of user interface and experience.

Choosing Azure and GPT

Why did they choose Microsoft Azure and OpenAI's GPT? Bhutani said it was a no-brainer. Azure's commitment to data privacy and security made it the perfect fit. The Language Models (LLMs) from Azure OpenAI Service became the backbone of Zomato’s generative AI.

Multi-Agent System

They adopted a multi-agent system where AI agents talk to each other to give better responses. These agents smoothly integrate with Zomato’s system, creating a seamless user experience.

Personal Journey

Bhutani's personal journey into generative AI began at Spyne, an AI photography tool. He saw the potential of generative AI and brought it to Zomato. Starting with Recipe Rover at Blinkit, an AI-generated recipe tool, they experimented a lot. Now, generative AI is like a copilot for Zomato, helping their teams make better and faster decisions.

Zomato AI Buddy

In September, Zomato introduced the Zomato AI Buddy. It goes beyond regular chatbots, understanding your food preferences, dietary needs, and even your mood.

Standout Feature

The standout feature? Zomato AI's multiple agent framework. It's like a superhero with different powers. Craving something specific? The AI shows you all the restaurants with that dish. Can't decide? Zomato AI suggests popular dishes and restaurants, making your life easier.

The Competition

And hey, Swiggy, Zomato's competitor, is also in on the generative AI game. They're using it to create custom food images based on what you like. Swiggy even has a new feature called 'WhatTo Eat,' helping you decide based on your mood.

So, next time you order food online, know that there's some smart AI working behind the scenes to make your experience awesome. Cheers to the future of food tech! 🚀🍔

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