Revolutionize Your Car Shopping: Hyundai Cars Now Available on Amazon

Revolutionize Your Car Shopping: Hyundai Cars Now Available on Amazon

Exciting News: Hyundai Cars Are Now Available on Amazon!

Great news for car shoppers! Amazon and Hyundai have teamed up to make buying cars online easier. Starting next year, you can browse, select, and buy Hyundai cars directly from Amazon's US store. This collaboration is part of a multiyear agreement, and it's not just about selling cars—it's about revolutionizing the entire car-buying experience.

1. Digital Shopping Experience:

  • In 2024, auto dealers, starting with Hyundai, will be able to sell cars through Amazon's US store.
  • This means you can search for Hyundai cars on Amazon, pick your favorite, and complete the purchase—all within the familiar Amazon interface.
  • You'll have the option to either pick up your car or have it delivered by your local dealership.

2. Integration with Alexa:

  • Hyundai is making your driving experience even more interactive. Starting from 2025, their next-generation cars will integrate with Alexa.
  • Imagine playing music, setting reminders, updating to-do lists, and managing your smart home devices—all while on the road!

3. Cloud Technology Upgrade:

  • Hyundai is adopting a cloud-first technology strategy by migrating on-premises applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • This move prioritizes areas like manufacturing, supply chain optimization, security, disaster recovery, and connected vehicle development.
  • Leveraging AWS capabilities, including AI and the IoT, Hyundai aims to enhance various aspects of their business operations.

4. Amazon's Generative AI:

  • Amazon's upcoming generative AI, code-named "Olympus," is set to bring improvements across Amazon platforms, including the online retail store, Alexa voice assistant, and AWS.
  • Expected to outperform its predecessor "Titan," Olympus will be officially announced by AWS in December.

So, get ready for a new era of car shopping! With Hyundai on Amazon, the convenience of online shopping now extends to buying your dream car.

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