OpenAI DevDay 2023: Game-Changing AI Announcements Simplified

OpenAI DevDay 2023: Game-Changing AI Announcements Simplified

Exciting OpenAI DevDay Announcements

Major announcements from OpenAI are set to revolutionize the landscape for AI developers and businesses. The event is on 11/6 at 10 am, and you can watch it live

Watch OpenAI DevDay Keynote on Monday, November 6 at 10am

Lowered Cost for Developers

OpenAI is making developer tools more cost-effective and efficient, potentially reducing application-making costs by up to 20 times. This is great news for businesses using OpenAI's models.

Vision Capabilities for Developers

OpenAI is introducing tools with vision capabilities. Developers can create applications that analyze and describe images, which has applications in various sectors like entertainment and medicine.

The Future of ChatGPT

OpenAI is working on new pricing plans for ChatGPT:

  • Team Plan: Includes everything in the existing "Plus" plan with added benefits like unlimited high-speed GPT-4, advanced data analysis, 4x longer context, internally shareable chat templates, and data not used for training.
  • Possible integration with Google Drive and Microsoft 365 to connect apps and access their information within ChatGPT.

Gizmo V8 Prototype

A prototype called Gizmo V8, similar to the ChatGPT iOS App, introduces features like a new model selector, customizable GPTs, and a tool named "Magic Maker" that might use GPT-4 Magic Create.

Advanced Mode for User-Created GPTs

An "Advanced" mode allows users to create their own GPTs. The "My GPTs" dashboard displays user-created GPTs and provides an option to create and share a powerful AI assistant.

ChatGPT Plus and GPT-4 Tools

Rumors suggest that ChatGPT Plus users might have access to all GPT-4 tools.

These advancements have the potential to reshape how AI is used in business, offering cost-efficiency and innovation opportunities. Marketers and agencies can benefit from streamlined operations, enhanced marketing, and innovative content creation and data analysis.

Don't miss the OpenAI DevDay event on 11/6 to learn more about these exciting developments!

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