Leading Cybersecurity Transformation: Infosys in India

Leading Cybersecurity Transformation: Infosys in India

Infosys Leads the Way in Changing Cybersecurity in India

Infosys is making big strides in cybersecurity in India, especially with its focus on the cloud and the internet. Vishal Salvi, Chief Information Security Officer at Infosys, has over three decades of experience in IT and has seen the cybersecurity landscape evolve. In a recent chat with Analytics India Magazine, he highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in today's world.

Evolving Cyber Threats

  • Rise of digital technologies and third-party vendors
  • Increased cyber threats like ransomware, malware, and phishing

Cybersecurity as Business Risk Management

  • Protecting valuable assets is crucial
  • Cybersecurity seen as a business risk management program

Infosys Cyber Security Services

  • Focus on helping businesses scale securely
  • Services include Governance Risk & Compliance, Data Privacy & Protection, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Security, and more

"Cyber Next – Platform Powered Services"

  • Platforms: Cyber Watch, Cyber Intel, Cyber Hunt, Cyber Scan, Cyber Gaze, and Cyber Compass
  • Supported by proprietary use cases, reporting, and analytics

Evolution of Cybersecurity

  • From antivirus and firewalls to big data analytics, DevSecOps, and blockchain
  • Focus on efficiency, predictability of costs, and constant innovation
  • Stakeholders demand security-by-design, cyber hardening, reduced risks, and compliance with regulations

Cloud and Internet-First Strategy

  • Crucial during the work-from-home scenario
  • Moved security enforcement to end devices and orchestration to the cloud
  • Enabled scalability and efficient service delivery

India's Cybersecurity Standards

  • On par with global standards
  • Reserve Bank of India at the forefront of banking regulations
  • Poised to introduce data protection laws for strengthened governance and accountability

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