Hansa Cequity Achieves Second Certification as Top Choice for Data Scientists

Hansa Cequity Achieves Second Certification as Top Choice for Data Scientists

Hansa Cequity Named Best Company for Data Scientists Again!

Hansa Cequity has once again earned the title of the Best Firm for Data Scientists, as certified by Analytics India Magazine (AIM). This recognition is a result of AIM's workplace recognition program, which surveys data scientists and analytics staff to pinpoint organizations with outstanding company culture.

The certification process involves analyzing survey data to understand employees' approval ratings and gather valuable insights. Hansa Cequity is thrilled to be acknowledged for its commitment to integrating data and AI to solve marketing challenges with passion and a customer-centric approach.

Prasad Kothari, Head of Data Science & AI at Hansa Cequity, expressed excitement, stating, "We're delighted to be chosen as the Best Firm For Data Scientists. At Hansa Cequity, we're dedicated to using data and AI to bring about a positive impact on businesses. Our focus on innovation with cutting-edge AI algorithms and cloud technology aims to revolutionize the industry."

Recognizing the talent crunch in the analytics industry, where attracting skilled employees is a significant challenge, Hansa Cequity sees this certification as a testament to its commitment to being a top workplace for data scientists.

Analytics India Magazine's certification is highly regarded as a gold standard for identifying the best data science workplaces. Companies participate not only for the prestige but also to enhance brand awareness and attract top talent.

The Best Firms for Data Scientists program is the most extensive data science workplace recognition initiative in India. If you want to nominate your organization for this certification, simply fill out the form. Join the league of companies dedicated to fostering an excellent environment for data scientists!

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