Generative AI Course by Andrew Ng: 43K Users Enrolled in Less Than a Week

Generative AI Course by Andrew Ng: 43K Users Enrolled in Less Than a Week

Andrew Ng's "Generative AI for Everyone" Breaks Records on Coursera

Andrew Ng's latest course, Generative AI for Everyone, has set a new record by enrolling close to 43K users in little less than a week. He posted on X, stating that this has been the fastest-growing course this year on Coursera, which was launched in the first week of November.

Just got the data: Generative AI for Everyone is the fastest-growing course on Coursera this year, with 43K enrollments in the first 7 days. Thanks everyone who's signed up! Come join us: Learn about how GenAI works and how to use it! Course Link Tweet Link

Course Overview

The course gives an overview of all aspects of Generative AI and offers students a holistic understanding of this new technology. Presented by Andrew Ng himself, the course is beginner-friendly. However, he explained the more technical concepts to better understand how the models work, such as pre-training, fine-tuning, or RAG.

Course Details

  • Duration: Short 6-hour course
  • Timeline: Can be taken over three weeks
  • Content:
  • Basic principles of Generative AI
  • Practical applications
  • Tips for prompt engineering
  • Choosing a model
  • New workflows with Generative AI
  • Using Generative AI tools for writing or reading

Assessments and Certification

Like all Coursera courses, this comes with assessments, tests, and certification.

Advanced Courses

Apart from this, Andrew Ng offers comprehensive courses in generative AI. These include topics like diffusion models, GANs, and VAEs, with collaboration from AWS and OpenAI. The courses are free and time-efficient, typically taking one to two hours to complete.

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