Empowering Women: Salesforce Provides 3 Million Upskilling Opportunities in the Indo-Pacific Region

Empowering Women: Salesforce Provides 3 Million Upskilling Opportunities in the Indo-Pacific Region

Salesforce Empowers Women with 3 Million Upskilling Opportunities in the Indo-Pacific

Salesforce, the leading AI CRM provider, has gone above and beyond, delivering over 3 million upskilling opportunities for women in the Indo-Pacific region. This initiative surpasses their initial goal of 500,000, contributing to the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) Upskilling Initiative.

IPEF Upskilling Initiative

Launched by the U.S. Department of Commerce in September 2022, the IPEF initiative focuses on equipping women in the Indo-Pacific region with essential digital skills to support sustainable economic growth.

Addressing Gender Disparity

Salesforce's contributions spanned countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, addressing the gender disparity highlighted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), where women make up only 25.1% of IT employment in the Asia Pacific region.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

Through collaborations with governments, public entities, and non-profits, Salesforce provided diverse upskilling opportunities for women. These initiatives were disseminated via Trailhead, Salesforce's free online learning platform, and inclusive programs encompassing: - Expert-led training events - Self-paced e-learning courses - Certifications tailored for the Salesforce ecosystem

Partnerships and Collaborations

Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy, in partnership with governmental bodies and educational institutions, spearheaded these programs. Noteworthy collaborations include initiatives with: - NASSCOM - Giftabled - Skillible - Pride Circle in India - Nokentech - Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics (KOMINFO) - Ayala Foundation in the Philippines

Recognition and Future Plans

William Sim, Vice President of Trailhead Academy, Asia-Pacific, Salesforce, stated, "By delivering on — and exceeding — our commitment to provide half a million upskilling opportunities, we are demonstrating a tangible impact on the lives and careers of countless individuals in these communities, and helping to unlock the potential of digital economies in the region."

U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gina M. Raimondo, commended Salesforce’s strides under the IPEF Upskilling Initiative, acknowledging the pivotal role of private entities in empowering women and nurturing global economic prosperity.

Future Collaborations

This achievement comes on the heels of Salesforce’s recent announcement that it would be partnering with the Ministry of Education to upskill 100,000 students in AI.

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