Empowering OpenAI's Presence in India with Former X Head Rishi Jaitly

Empowering OpenAI's Presence in India with Former X Head Rishi Jaitly

OpenAI Expanding Operations in India with Rishi Jaitly

OpenAI is gearing up to establish its presence in India, and they've enlisted the expertise of Rishi Jaitly, former VP of Elon Musk’s X, to lead the way. While OpenAI has not officially announced the move, Jaitly is actively involved in setting up the company's office in India. His role as a senior advisor involves navigating the complexities of India’s AI policy and regulatory landscape.

About Rishi Jaitly

  • Background: Jaitly has a diverse professional journey, including founding the Virginia Tech Institute for Leadership in Technology.
  • Current Roles: He currently serves as a distinguished humanities fellow and professor of practice at Virginia Tech, and as Principal at Alchmy LLC, focusing on global evangelism and excellence for companies.
  • Past Experience: Jaitly has played key roles at Twitter (India’s first employee), overseeing operations and partnerships in Asia, and at Google, where he advocated for an open web across India and South Asia.

OpenAI's Global Expansion

  • This move follows OpenAI's first international expansion to London, UK, earlier in the year.

Controversy and Response

  • During Altman’s visit to India in June, there was controversy around his remark on the challenges for Indian companies in AI. This was later clarified to specifically refer to the difficulty of competing with a $10 million budget.
  • In response, Tech Mahindra CEO, CP Gurnani, revealed the company is working on Project Indus, an indigenous language model capable of speaking various Indic languages, including Hindi.

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