Empowering Innovation: AMD's Largest Global Design Center Opens in Bengaluru

Empowering Innovation: AMD's Largest Global Design Center Opens in Bengaluru

AMD's New Global Design Center in Bengaluru

AMD, a leading technology company, has just opened its biggest global design center in Bengaluru, India. This center, called the AMD Technostar R&D campus, is a crucial part of AMD's $400 million investment plan in India for the next five years.

1. Big Campus

The new campus is huge, covering 500,000 square feet. That's like having a super big playground for about 3,000 engineers.

2. Key Focus

The engineers at this center will be like superheroes, working on creating cool technology stuff. They'll focus on making advanced things like 3D stacking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

3. What They'll Make

Imagine making the brains for powerful computers. That's what they're up to—creating high-performance CPUs for data centers and PCs, GPUs for gaming, and other smart devices.

4. Lots of Money

AMD is putting $400 million into this. It's like they're saying, "We believe in India's smart people, and we want to help them create amazing things."

5. Cool Facilities

The campus is not just about work; it's a bit like a high-tech playground. There are fancy labs, a place to show off their cool products, and even a celebration of Indian art. They've thought of everything, from a big cafeteria to a gym and a yoga center for happy and healthy employees.

6. What Important People Say

The Minister for Railways, Communications & Electronics and Information Technology in India, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said it's awesome that a big company like AMD is choosing India. AMD's top techie, Mark Papermaster, is excited too, saying the new center will help make top-notch technology.

7. India's Importance

India is a big deal for AMD. One-fourth of AMD's global team is in India. They believe in the talent here, and this new center shows that.

So, in a nutshell, AMD is putting a ton of money and trust in India to make some really cool and powerful computer stuff. It's like creating a superhero headquarters for technology in Bengaluru!

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