Empowering India: NeevCloud Unveils the First Made in India AI SuperCloud

Empowering India: NeevCloud Unveils the First Made in India AI SuperCloud

Introducing NeevCloud's Revolutionary AI SuperCloud

NeevCloud has just launched India's very first AI SuperCloud, aiming to make the country self-sufficient in AI and supercomputing. Their goal is to address key challenges faced by India by deploying advanced AI cloud infrastructure, including 40,000 GPUs and storage valued at USD 1.5 billion by 2026.

Why is this important?

  • NeevCloud wants to tackle accessibility, environmental impact, support, self-reliance, and innovation in cloud and AI technologies in India.
  • Their solution involves introducing 'AI Supercomputing as a Service,' offering the world's lowest prices for Cloud GPUs at just USD 1.69/hour, reducing costs by up to 50%.

The aim is to make AI and supercomputing accessible to all enterprises and startups in India, democratizing this technology. NeevCloud believes this will empower not only India but users worldwide, offering cutting-edge and affordable cloud solutions.

NeevCloud's Innovative Solution

  • Issue Addressed: NeevCloud began by solving a critical issue in the data center industry related to AI and HPC workloads.
  • Solution: They developed Varuna, a revolutionary liquid immersion cooling system.
  • Varuna significantly reduces power usage, resulting in a 90% reduction in cooling costs and a 50% overall cost reduction.

SuperClusters for Confidential Machine Learning

  • NeevCloud's SuperClusters enable confidential machine learning, directly benefiting industries like BFSI, automotive, and healthcare.
  • This technology has the potential to assist businesses, research institutions, and various industries in advancing their AI strategies.

Vision of NeevCloud

Narendra Sen, Founder & CEO of NeevCloud, envisions a future where India not only leads but empowers the world with innovative technology. The AI SuperCloud represents Indian innovation, and NeevCloud believes it has the potential to benefit users globally.

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