Empowering Foxconn's Electric Vehicle Vision with NVIDIA

Empowering Foxconn's Electric Vehicle Vision with NVIDIA

Foxconn's EV Ambitions with NVIDIA

Foxconn, the major electronics manufacturer supplying Apple, is venturing into electric vehicle (EV) production this year with significant assistance from NVIDIA.


NVIDIA is a key partner in Foxconn's EV plans and is concurrently working on developing autonomous driving technology. The collaboration aims to meet the rising demand for NVIDIA's vehicle platform.

Key Technologies

  • Foxconn will use NVIDIA's DRIVE Hyperion and sensor architecture for its EVs.
  • Electronic control units based on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin will be manufactured by Foxconn for global automotive vehicles.
  • NVIDIA's DRIVE operating system has received safety certification, meeting high standards for autonomous transportation.

Unique Collaboration

The partnership involves the establishment of AI factories using NVIDIA's computing infrastructure designed for processing extensive datasets into valuable AI models and tokens.

“Foxconn, the world’s largest manufacturer, has the expertise and scale to build AI factories globally. We are delighted to expand our decade-long partnership with Foxconn to accelerate the AI industrial revolution,” said Huang, CEO of NVIDIA.

Leveraging NVIDIA Omniverse

Foxconn is not only incorporating NVIDIA's technology for EVs but is also utilizing NVIDIA Omniverse for manufacturing processes. This collaboration aims to enhance workflows for planning, building, operating, and optimizing factories using various NVIDIA technologies.

  • Many major companies like Apple, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei are entering the EV market.
  • The shift is driven by government incentives promoting eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Climate change concerns, with companies like Uber committing to going carbon neutral by 2025, add urgency to the transition.

NVIDIA's Facilitation

NVIDIA is playing a crucial role in making the transition to EVs more accessible for smartphone and electronics manufacturers, facilitating the bridge between supply a

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