Empowering Ethical AI: Key Highlights from 2023

Empowering Ethical AI: Key Highlights from 2023

6 Key Moves in 2023 to Ensure Ethical AI

Ethical AI got a serious upgrade in 2023, shifting from a fancy idea to a powerful force for good. Governments and companies took big steps to make sure AI plays fair and respects people's privacy. Let's break down the key actions taken to ensure AI is built and used ethically:

1. Business Council for the Ethics of AI:

  • The Council made its official debut at a summit in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Microsoft and Telefónica played a crucial role as co-chairs.
  • UNESCO and leading Latin American companies are driving this collaboration.
  • The Council acts as a platform for companies to share insights and uphold ethical standards in the AI industry.

2. AI Bill of Rights by the White House:

  • The White House introduced a blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights to ensure responsible AI use.
  • Collaboration involved academics, human rights groups, the public, and major companies like Microsoft and Google.
  • It aims to make AI transparent, fair, and safe, focusing on civil rights issues in various areas.
  • The goal is to establish clear rules and guidelines for AI to follow.

3. EU Regulatory Game Plan for AI:

  • The European Commission proposed the EU regulatory game plan for AI, categorizing systems based on potential impact.
  • MEPs approved the negotiating position on the AI Act, pushing for a final law draft by the end of the year.
  • The EU aims to set global standards in AI regulation.

4. AI Insights from India's B20 Summit:

  • In August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed the importance of using AI in a good and fair way.
  • He proposed an 'International Consumer Care Day' and advocated for 'green credit' instead of carbon credits.
  • Modi highlighted India's leadership in Industry 4.0 technology and its role in the global supply chain.

5. Pope Francis' Call for Ethical AI:

  • Pope Francis addressed the annual 'Minerva Dialogues,' emphasizing the ethical use of AI.
  • While acknowledging AI benefits, he warned against unethical and irresponsible use.
  • This call for ethical considerations followed an incident where AI generated misleading images of the Pope.

6. World Health Organization's Caution on AI:

  • WHO urged caution regarding the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) in AI.
  • Their statement emphasized the risks of using AI in decision-support tools or upgrading diagnostic capacity.
  • WHO stressed the importance of ethical principles and solid governance in the AI and health space.

In summary, 2023 marked a significant shift toward ensuring ethical AI practices globally, with key players from various sectors taking concrete steps to shape the future of AI in a responsible and transparent manner.

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