Discover the Coolest AI-Generated Ads of 2023

Discover the Coolest AI-Generated Ads of 2023

Discover the Coolest AI-Generated Ads of 2023

In 2023, generative AI took the advertising world by storm, and we've rounded up the top 8 ads that caught everyone's eye. This technology, powered by ChatGPT and other AI tools, opened up exciting possibilities for creative minds.

1. Boat ICC World Cup Campaign

  • During the ICC 2023 Men’s World Cup, Tagglabs and boAt teamed up to create a unique music video called ‘India India’ using AI-generated visuals. It beautifully captured the spirit of cricket in India, showing bustling streets, passionate fans, and families cheering for victory.

2. Cadbury Celebrations Personalized Birthday Song

  • Cadbury Celebrations collaborated with Ogilvy, Wavemaker,, and Uberduck to let users create personalized birthday songs. Now, you can gift a unique #MyBirthdaySong to your loved ones, adding an extra touch of love.

3. Zomato’s Rainy Day Delivery

  • AI-generated images of Zomato delivery persons dancing in the rain went viral. The fun caption explained, 'Sorry for the delay, we were enjoying life a bit.' It was a lighthearted take on delayed deliveries, showcasing the human side of the service.

4. SunFeast Dark Fantasy with Shah Rukh Khan

  • SunFeast Dark Fantasy empowered fans to create personalized ads with Shah Rukh Khan using generative AI. The ‘Har Dil Ki Fantasy’ campaign invited users to share their creations on social media using #MyFantasyAdWithSRK.

5. Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece Campaign

  • Coca-Cola wowed audiences by using generative AI tools to showcase iconic artworks and create personalized Diwali cards. They even used AI to craft a new flavor, Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, demonstrating the versatility of AI in marketing.

6. Mumbai Indians’ Fan Engagement

  • Mumbai Indians, a global sports franchise, partnered with for an innovative AI-driven video campaign. They used Instagram Direct Messages to send real-time personalized videos featuring their star cricketer, Cameron Green, enhancing fan engagement during IPL 2023.

7. MG Motor’s '100 Years of Driving Smiles' Campaign

  • MG Motor India celebrated its legacy with the ‘100 Years of Driving Smiles’ campaign, using AI to bring founder Cecil Kimber back to life. This campaign emphasized MG’s commitment to a customer-centric approach.

8. Virgin Voyages with Jennifer Lopez AI

  • Virgin Voyages made history by featuring Jennifer Lopez as the face of an AI program called “Jen AI.” This allowed individuals to create personalized cruise invitations, showcasing a humorous “glitch” and adding a touch of imperfection to AI.

In 2023, these ads not only grabbed attention but also showcased the incredible possibilities of generative AI in the world of advertising.

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