ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups Temporarily Paused

ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups Temporarily Paused

OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups Paused Temporarily

OpenAI has temporarily halted new sign-ups for ChatGPT Plus due to a surge in usage post DevDay, as shared by OpenAI chief Sam Altman. The increased demand has surpassed their capacity, and they aim to prioritize a great experience for all users.

Despite this pause, users can still stay informed by signing up within the app to receive notifications about when subscriptions will reopen. This ensures quick access to the enhanced features of ChatGPT Plus once availability resumes.

Stay Informed Despite the Pause

  • New sign-ups for ChatGPT Plus temporarily paused due to a surge in usage.
  • Users can sign up within the app to get notified when subscriptions reopen.
  • Goal: Ensuring a great user experience for all.

Understanding the Surge in Demand

The surge in demand for ChatGPT Plus is linked to the introduction of GPTs at OpenAI's DevDay 2023. These GPTs empower anyone to build their own without the need for coding, resulting in over 5,000 GPTs currently available.

Future Developments: GPT-5 on the Horizon

  • OpenAI is quietly working on GPT-5 after the release of GPT-4 Turbo.
  • Sam Altman notes that the training process for GPT-5 will require more data, sourced from both public datasets and exclusive datasets from private companies.
  • Predicting the exact capabilities of GPT-5 is a technical challenge, but it's expected to be more advanced than its predecessors.
  • OpenAI plans to seek additional financial support from major investor Microsoft to achieve their vision of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

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