Bringing Cohere's Enterprise AI Models to Azure AI Service

Bringing Cohere's Enterprise AI Models to Azure AI Service

Microsoft Azure AI and Cohere Collaboration

Microsoft has some exciting news for its Azure AI service users! Cohere, a leading enterprise AI model provider, has joined forces with Microsoft to make its flagship model, Command, available through the Microsoft Azure AI Model Catalog and Marketplace. This collaboration allows Azure AI users to access Cohere's powerful English and multilingual capabilities globally, supporting various languages and regions.

One key benefit is that Azure AI customers can now use Cohere's models without their data leaving the secure Azure cloud. This is a big deal because it aligns with customer preferences for data security and makes it easier to scale AI prototypes efficiently. Jaron Waldman, Cohere's Chief Product Officer, emphasized the importance of this move in catering to customer needs.

Enthusiasm from Azure AI Platform

Eric Boyd, the CVP of Azure AI Platform at Microsoft, expressed excitement about offering Cohere's Command model as a service. This means developers now have more options when creating Generative AI applications, opening up new possibilities and choices.

Ignite 2023 Highlights

During Ignite 2023, Microsoft introduced Phi, the latest addition to the Phi Small Language Model (SLM) series, available on Azure AI service. This release also includes other models like Meta's Llama 2, OpenAI's LLMs, and Jais, a 13-billion parameter model developed by the UAE tech firm G42. This expansion of language models provides users with a wider range of tools to enhance their AI applications.

Not stopping there, NVIDIA announced an AI foundry service at Ignite, specifically designed to speed up the development and optimization of custom generative AI applications for both enterprises and startups on Microsoft Azure. The service integrates three key components: NVIDIA AI Foundation Models, NVIDIA NeMo framework and tools, and NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing services.


In summary, Microsoft's collaboration with Cohere and the introduction of new models like Phi, along with the partnership with NVIDIA, are exciting developments for Azure AI users. These advancements provide more choices, enhanced security, and a broader set of tools for developers to create powerful AI applications.

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