Bridging the AI Gap in India: Unveiling the Disparities between Corporate and Research Spheres

Bridging the AI Gap in India: Unveiling the Disparities between Corporate and Research Spheres

Bridging the AI Gap in India: What You Need to Know

In the last six months, the push for Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption has surged in India, especially in areas like IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. A whopping 75% of Indian companies feel the urgency to develop an AI strategy within a year to avoid negative consequences.

AI Adoption in Startups

  • Major startups like Zomato, OYO, ixigo, Freshworks, and others are embracing AI.
  • Even Zerodha, initially against AI, is now exploring its possibilities.

Cisco's AI Readiness Index

  • Only 26% of Indian organizations are fully prepared for AI technologies.
  • However, 95% of these companies are actively working on or have a robust AI strategy in progress.
  • Tech Mahindra's Project Indus, an Indic-based foundational model, is set to launch soon, reflecting India's commitment to an AI-centric future.

Infrastructure Challenges

  • Despite enthusiasm, only 39% of Indian companies believe their infrastructure is highly scalable for AI.
  • 68% anticipate the need for additional data center graphics processing units (GPUs) to handle AI workloads.

GitHub's AI Developer Community

  • GitHub's State of the Octoverse 2023 report shows India as the world's second-largest contributor to AI projects, with 13.2 million developers actively engaged.
  • In 2023 alone, 3.5 million new developers joined GitHub, reflecting a consistent 148% year-on-year growth.
  • GitHub projects India overtaking the United States in total developer population by 2027.

Sharryn Napier's Perspective

  • Sharryn Napier, VP of APAC at GitHub, emphasizes the potential impact, stating that empowering India's 13.2 million developers with AI could transform innovation, productivity, and significantly impact the economy and society.

Rise of Generative AI in India

  • The rise of generative AI in India marks a significant shift in the tech landscape.
  • Traditionally, India adopted Western technologies, but now, it stands out as a "top contributor" to the global AI open-source ecosystem, according to GitHub.
  • This signals a changing dynamic between researchers and enterprise-level businesses, showcasing India's growing role in the AI landscape.

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